Eliminate your boring condo living with these effective ideas

Gem Residences Condo Living

Well, sleeping sounds good, but is it? Come on, you can do much better! It’s good but it’s boring. Don’t let the boredom ruin your life. Let’s level up your boring condo life. But how? We have some answers below!

Take a dip into Swimming Pool

It’s paid! Don’t let your monthly fee go to waste. Take a good relaxing dip into your condo’s swimming pool. Swimming is a good exercise too!  It’s much better doing this with friends or loved ones.

Avoid gadgets

Although you think social medias is your way of relaxing. Well, it’s not.  Put your phone down, turn off your laptop, unplug the television, and go out! Spend time with your crazy friends. I know you would love this for sure!

Catch up with friends

I know you love to work hard as much as you can but don’t overdo it! It’ll not help you be and feel a lot better. Take a good break and set a schedule with your friends. Make time and spend quality time with them! Watch a movie, dine in a restaurant, or sip a hot cup of coffee together. If they aren’t available, don’t worry. Feel free to reschedule it for some other time.


Work those muscles and keep the adrenaline pumping! Most condos provide gyms for every resident. Make use of it. Lift some weights, stretch, or just meditate. Want to make it more fun? Bring some gym buddies with you for a longer and happier exercise!

Well, that’s all! How are our suggestions? You might want to follow these effective tips to have a more unforgettable and non-boring weekend. Weekends shouldn’t be boring, so better apply these ideas to make the most of your condo living!

To add, Gem Residences Toa Payoh offers quality club services and facilities for each resident. Ready to make your life more interesting? Better check it out as soon as possible!